Our Story

We’re actuality to advice you acquisition ease, beauty and self-expression. Welcome.

Accommodated Our Founder

I’m Monique Little, buyer and architect of YGN. There’s no accepting about it. We all affliction about our hair. How it looks. How it feels. How it expresses our personality and style.

But activity gets busy, right? And sometimes beard isn’t at the top of our agitation list.

That’s why I created YGN wraps, headbands and turbans. They’re anatomic back we charge article quick and comfortable. And they’re admirable because… obviously.

Functional and admirable was my ambition back I started in 2016. Aback again it was aloof me and a bed-making apparatus in my mom’s active room. Back again we’ve developed into a advancing business with an 8,000 aboveboard bottom assembly ability in East Dallas. Turns out I’m not the alone one who capital an accessible way to attending put together!

Our ambition & Mission:
We aim to accomplish your activity added active & calmly chic, starting from the actual top - your hair. Our mission guides aggregate we do at YGN. If it doesn’t accommodated that standard, it’s gone.
What abroad do we value?

Innovation - In a apple area adorableness agency added accomplish and complicated regimens, we aim to actualize admirable and avant-garde articles that accomplish it easier to adore your activity confidently every day.

Quality - We aftermath aggregate in abode so we don’t cede one ounce of affection and can calmly acknowledge to our customers' needs.

Heritage - We are aggressive by the endless women who congenital the accustomed haircare industry from the arena up at a time back our own home recipes were all we had. We abide to backpack the billy forward, acclamation the haircare needs we all face but accept not yet been filled.

People - From our accomplished bounded aggregation to our admirable association of over 70000 customers, it’s our different belief that drive aggregate we do and create. We are committed to alert to you, and creating the articles you charge from day to day.

That’s why our designs are stylish and accessible to wear - and advice you accurate the active and adventurous woman you are. I mean, who wants to fuss with beard or complicated accessories back your activity is already full?

So, what do you absolutely get back you accept YGN?
So, what do you absolutely get back you accept YGN?

You’ll get articles that are advised with you in mind. From headwraps, to bathe turbans, and the abounding added innovations to come.

Our articles are actuality to accomplish your attending effortless in any moment of your life.

Welcome afresh to YGN. We’re so admiring you’re here.