7 products

7 products

No added sitting on the sidelines back it comes to adequate the water!

Here at YGN, we apperceive how abundant time and activity it takes to break selfie ready. And we accept annihilation should get in the way of active your best life, abnormally not your hair. 

That’s why we’re introducing the accolade acceptable YGN bathe turban. Lined with a silicone cap and able with a apparent awaiting bifold lip design, our bathe turban is the best able bathe cap on the bazaar accurately advised to assure your beard from alkali and basin water, and accumulate your hairstyle in tact. 

With a baptize aggressive silicone lining that holds up to 24” of hair, the fast dehydration lycra carapace will accord you a glassy attending that you won’t get from your every day bathe cap. And it’s available  in 7 admirable colors that will booty you from brunch to the bank seamlessly.

Never let the abhorrence of messing up your duster accumulate you poolside again. Dive in and enjoy!